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65+ Countries
900+ Offices
27 000+ Employees

Cunningham Lindsey employs over 27,000 people all over the world. The part of Cunningham Lindsey responsible for loss adjustment offers a global experience in property insurance. Professionals from different countries specialise in large/complicated losses, high domestic and international commercial risks, as well as losses in the area of real estate, residential property, and accidents. The team includes senior loss adjusters and experts in a variety of areas of insurance settlement.
Cunningham Lindsey has over 900 offices located in over 65 countries, enabling it teams to quickly and efficiently react irrespective of the time or place of the occurrence.
United Loss Adjusters is a qualified and a vigorous team of professionals. We render high-quality surveys, perform independent examination of insured events, determine the cause for and amount of loss, as well as settle losses for all types of risks throughout the territory of Ukraine.
We have a more than 20 years’ experience of survey inspections and loss adjustment investigations, covering real estate, personal property and cargo

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United Loss Adjusters is a part of the Cunningham Lindsey global team.


Loss Adjustment Services

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Property Loss Adjustment

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Adjustment of Losses Connected with Damage to Goods-in-Trade

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Adjustment of Losses Connected with Business Interruption (BI)

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Cargo Survey Services

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Marine Survey Services

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Pre-Insurance (Pre-Risk) Survey

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Expert Valuation

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